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Define au revoir. au revoir synonyms, au revoir pronunciation, au revoir translation, English dictionary definition of au revoir. interj. Used to express farewell. sentence substitute goodbye interj. French. until we see each other again; good-bye for the present. A French phrase…

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The 39-year-old actress and activist celebrated her birthday on Wednesday, posting a stunning photo and video of herself — both au naturel — on Instagram. — Fox News, "Rosario Dawson posts nude selfie video for 39th birthday," 11 May 2018 The photo shows her seemingly au naturel on a chaise …

What is Au Pair? The astronomical unit (symbol: au, ua, or AU) is a unit of length, roughly the distance from Earth to the Sun. However, that distance varies as Earth orbits the Sun, from a maximum ( aphelion ) to a minimum ( perihelion ) and back again once a year.